Praxis Dr. med. Lukas Eberle

Surgical correction of the shape of the nose (closed or open rhinoplasty)

Alterations to the form of the nose can occur naturally or be caused by a fracture of the nasal bone or nasal septum due to an accident. There are two types of alterations; inner (nasal septum deviation) and outer (crooked nose, hook nose, long nose, saddle nose or a combination thereof). The surgical correction of the inner form of the nose (nasal septum deviation) is a common, routine procedure. The surgical correction of the outer form of the nose (rhinoplasty) is a more complex and demanding operation. The two procedures can also be combined. They are carried out under anaesthesia as an in-patient procedure. Patients can expect to remain in the hospital for 2-3 days. The success rate of nasal breathing recovery is 95%. The desired cosmetic result in rhinoplasty can be reached in 90% of cases. Although uncommon, smaller post corrections may be necessary. Usually, these are carried out as an out-patient procedure. The cost of a medically indicated nose correction (because of a nasal airway obstruction or after an injury) is covered by the mandatory health insurance in Switzerland or is paid by the SUVA (accident insurance). Rhinoplasty must be paid for by the patient (or rather the part that isn’t paid by either health insurance or SUVA). Dr. Eberle regularly operates on patients in the hospitals of Schwyz and Einsiedeln. The flat rate of the cosmetic operation including hospital costs, anaesthesia, and operation is, dependent on the case and can vary from CHF 3000.- to CHF 7900.-. Surgical post corrections also vary by case and cost between CHF 3000.- to CHF 4600.- Upon request, we can arrange that your health insurance company provides a confirmation of coverage for the treatment. The average cost for preliminary meetings and aftercare in our office is between CHF 400.- to CHF 900.- (possibly paid by health insurance).

Before and after each operation, standardized pictures will be taken by a professional photographer. A computer simulation of the desired outcome is also available, however, simulations should not raise unrealistic expectations The patient will receive a copy of these pictures. The cost will range from CHF 150.- to CHF 200.- , depending on whether a computer simulation is desired.

Dr. Eberle currently performs 250 to 300 rhinoplasty procedures each year. An increasing number of these procedures are cosmetic corrections and revision surgeries (surgery to correct another doctors unsuccessful operation). To date, Dr. Eberle has performed roughly 3000 surgeries, some of which were highly complex procedures.

Rhinoplasty is the most difficult, frequently performed procedure in cosmetic surgery. Patients should have realistic expectations before deciding to have this operation. As with all surgeries, no doctor can guarantee a 100% success rate of an operation (both for the cosmetic and functional procedures). Although results are rarely perfect, most patients are extremely satisfied with the outcome of their operation and are pleased with the improvement of the shape of their nose.

Surgical post corrections by means of a second operation are not ideal. The cost of such an operation varies and is at the expense of the patient. Dissatisfaction with the result of an operation does not entitle the patient to compensation or a cost reduction.